Pens and Pencils

Turn of the Century wooden pens and pencils are each individually freehand crafted of the finest hardwoods by William Schmidt. They are both decorative and highly functional.

They are made of hard, high quality exotic woods both for lasting strength and beauty.

"Executive" Ballpoint Pens

The Executive ballpoint pen is uniquely turned desk pen designed for ease of writing as well as for appearance. It features one of the finest, most durable and long lasting refills available: the pressurized Fisher Space Pen (The one that writes upside down). The pen is also designed to accept the more readily available Cross, Parker and Pentech refills. The pens are about 7" long.

The gold plated brass tip is designed by, and made solely for Turn of the Century pens. Each pen includes a card explaining how to refill the pen and where to obtain the Space Pen refills. For refill instructions: Refilling

Pick the individual Executive Pen you want from the Executive Pen Gallery

There are also thicker Exec Pens for those who prefer them. They are pictured below the thinner ones on the Gallery page

Executive Pen Set

Executive Pen held in 3 inch turned native wood
oak, cherry or walnut base (specify preference) with
exotic wood inlay strip to match the pen.
A welcome addition to the desk of any executive,
student, friend, deserving volunteer or
for the person who pays the bills!

Calligraphy Pens

A favorite of calligraphers for many years, Turn of the Century Calligraphy pens are designed to accept the popular Speedball nibs, or any nib with a similar thickness and curvature. A unique rosewood spring holds the writing nib firmly in place. Calligraphy pens are about 7" long.

Each calligraphy pen comes with a traditional steel writing tip. We trust you already have your favorite calligraphy nibs.

Pick the individual Calligraphy Pen you want from the Calligraphy Pen Gallery

Boxed Sets: Set of four calligraphy pens
in a velvet lined box of walnut or cherry.
The velvet is hunter green
(Specify wood preferences).
Cost of the case with four calligraphy pens is $97.00
Pens are in a variety of woods, or you can pick the ones you want from the Gallery Page .

Oblique Pens:

Oblique pens are a more specialized calligraphy pen used for a more fluid script and drawing style.
The width of the line is dependent on downward pressure rather than the shape of the nib.
For variable width lines, they require a very flexible nib. Nibs are NOT included.
They may not be appropriate for the beginning calligrapher. They are the appropriate tool for Spencerian and Copperplate script.

The brass nib clip is adjustable for nibs with different curvatures.

Pick the individual Oblique Pen you want from the Oblique Pen Gallery

Mechanical Pencils:

Turn of the Century Mechanical Pencils are one of our most uncharacteristic items. In reality, they are the durable Pentel P-205 and P-207 "clicker" style drafting pencils with the plastic barrel replaced by one of exotic wood.

Choice of either tapered or flared grip area. Available for either .5mm or .7mm leads with chromed metal parts. Please specify preferences.

Pick the individual Pencil you want from the Mechanical Pencil Gallery


Executive Pens: $17.00 each
Executive Pen Set $26.00 each
Calligraphy Pens: $16.00 each
Calligraphy Boxed Sets: $97.00 set
Oblique Pens: $20 each Mechanical Pencils: $15.00 each
Refills: Pressurized Fisher Space Pen refills $7.00 each

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: (Priority mail - domestic) $7.00 per entire Turn of the Century order.
Orders shipped within 1-2 days of receipt of payment.

Please send your complete mailing address and a day or night phone or e-mail, and...
Payment by check or money order to:

Turn of the Century
1676 Millsboro Road
Mansfield, OH 44906-3374
Phone 419/529-8876

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For more information on ordering, shipping and payment, see the Ordering Info Page

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