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Some customers have asked if we supply any instructional material on the work that can be done with Turn of the Century tools. As woodworkers, not textile workers or calligraphers, we would be pretty bad at instruction. However, there are a number of sites on the web that not only specialize in instructional material, but also sources for patterns, yarn, and other needed materials... and often cameraderie too! Many of them have extensive "source" links of their own.

We take this opportunity to list several of these. As with most web links, they are references only, not endorsements; we cannot take responsibility for them. If you have any disagreeable experiences, let us know and we will reevaluate. We hope they will help you.


Crochet Guild of America - A national organization (with local chapters) dedicated to Crochet. They provide basic on-line instruction, resources for all levels of crocheters, a message board, a members lending library and many resource links as well as conferences.

Knitters Review - An extensive website featuring a free on-line magazine and an extensive knitter's forum with many topics, including a locator for other knitters in your area. The magazine features yarn and product reviews, book reviews, how-tos, polls and sources. A very extensive and informative site.

The Knitting Guild of America - A national organization (with local chapters) dedicated to Knitting. They have an on-line store with beginners through advanced instructional booklets available, a message line, information on conferences and resource links.

Embroiders Guild of America, Inc. - A nationwide organization dedicated to education and encouragement of Embroidery. They have classes, chapters, resources and a links page.


International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH)- A site for calligraphers, illustrators and workers of ink on paper. The site has history, lessons, examples of the finest of calligraphy and illustration. Knock your socks off stuff.

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