Refilling the Executive Pens

Types of refill

1. Fisher Space Pen - The refill that came with your pen originally. Available from Fisher Space Pen Co., 711 Yucca St., Boulder City, NV 89005 for $7.00 each, or from Turn of the Century for $7.00 each. This price includes S&H.
They might be available through Staples and some other office supply stores.
The Fisher Space Pen is a very high quality, extreme use, pressurized refill that will write in any position (including upside down), under temperature extremes, and will take considerable punishment and still write. It was originally developed for astronauts in zero-gravity environments, and is used extensively by military, police and safety forces.

2. Parker or Pentech refills (They are the same) - Available in most stationary stores and departments. A little thicker than the Space Pen refills and with a plastic cap on the end. The plastic cap must be removed before use in the Executive Pen. It will then be the same length as the Space Pen refill. If you mistakenly insert the plastic cap into the pen and it becomes stuck, it can be removed with a long drywall screw.

3. Cross refill - Cross refills are quite long and thin. Like the Parker, they have a plastic cap on the end. This must be removed before insertion.

To Change Refills

1. The gold plated tip screws into the wooden pen barrel. It has a standard, right hand thread as most screws. Simply grasp the tip and unscrew.
Humidity changes will affect the tightness. If it is very dry, the barrel will shrink and the tip might be quite tight.

If you cannot unscrew the tip by hand, place masking tape on the jaws of a pair of pliers (to prevent scarring of the metal) and use the pliers to unscrew the tip. Be sure you are turning in the proper direction. (If you stand the pen with the tip up, and look down on the pen, you must turn the metal tip counterclockwise to loosen)

2. After removing the tip, replace the refill (minus plastic endcap - if any)

3. Screw the metal tip back in: hand-tight only. Screwing the tip in too tight will split the pen barrel.

We hope your Executive Pen will give you many years of use and outlast many, many refills.

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