Odds 'n' Ends

Listed below are items we made in too small a quantity to be listed on their own pages. Some are duplicates of special orders and some are experimental items. Some will be made again should demand call for it and when time permits.

Individual items will be listed individually and will be marked as sold or removed as soon as possible after they are sold. Please e-mail to confirm availability before ordering. In case of multiple requests for an item, preference will be given based on e-mail date and time.

We hope you like what you see.

Nalbinding Needles

Nalbinding needles are used for many strands of yarn, yarn made of rag strips and yarn made from plastic strips, such as plastic bags.

Turn of the Century nalbinding needles are made of cherry for smoothness and light weight. They have rounded tips to prevent snagging and large eyes to enable use with bulky yarn and bag strips.

The thicknesses correspond to the #'s 13, 15, 16, 17 & 19 knitting needles. They range from about 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch in thickness. The Sizing Chart gives accurate measurements.

The eye on the 13 and 15 sizes is 3/16 inch wide, and 1/4 inch wide on the larger ones, and ranges from 3/4 inch long on the smallest to over 1 inch long on the largest.

The lengths range from 3 inches on the smallest (#13) to 4 inches on the largest (#19).

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Price: $7 each.

Jumbo Knitting Needles

I am making some size #19 knitting needles of cherry wood.
They are 15.75mm - about 5/8 inch thick.and available in 10, 12 & 14 inch lengths
The designs of the endcaps will vary from pair to pair.

$20.00 per pair -- 10 inches long
$21.00 per pair -- 12 inches long
$22.00 per pair -- 14 inches long

Tunisian (or Afghan) Hooks

Made of the same, high quality Cocobolo Rosewood as the standard knitting needles, Turn of the Century Afghan Hooks will give years of service. The pictures show sample cap finials. Actual finials will vary. A hook is shown at the bottom of each picture

I try to stock all three lengths in the Boye sizes, But check for availability first.
If I don't have them, I'll make them!

The Boye sizes are available in G, H, I J & K

"Boye" sizes - 10 inch lengths - Price $16.00 each
"Boye" sizes - 12 inches long - Price: $17.00 each
"Boye" sizes - 14 inches long - Price: $18.00 each

Jumbo Hook

Boye size "U" Hook -- 25mm About 1 inch in diameter.
There are now several of these in a Jumbo Hook Gallery Page.
They have a minimum of design to provide a large grip area.

Price: $19 each. (They are a lot more work!)


As some of these items are one-of-a-kind, or in limited quantity, please check availability before ordering: Bill@Turn-of-the-Century.com
(If you have gmail, BE SURE to include your phone. Gmail throws my emails into your "spam" folder.)
Add prices of all Turn of the Century items ordered plus $7.00 S&H
SHIPPING AND HANDLING: (Priority mail - domestic) $7.00 per entire Turn of the Century order.
Orders shipped within 1-2 days of receipt of payment.

Please send your complete mailing address and a day or night phone or e-mail, and...
Payment by check or money order to:

Turn of the Century
1676 Millsboro Road
Mansfield, OH 44906-3374
Phone 419/529-8876

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(Paypal ID: -- Bill@Turn-of-the-Century.com -- should fill in automatically.)

For more information on ordering, shipping and payment, see the Ordering Info Page

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