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Ordering from Turn of the Century
Shipping - Turn of the Century
To Pay For Items

Ordering from Turn of the Century

Email us your request for the items you want

Your request is considered as your order.
If possible, we check emails several times daily.
We will make sure we have the items requested, then get back to you with a confirmation and a total cost.
We do our best to ship within 2 days of receipt of the payment.
After delivering the order to the Post Office, we try to email you confirming that it has been sent.

International orders: If you live outside the United States, please tell us your country so we can estimate your postage.
More shipping information is detailed below.

Shipping - Turn of the Century

Domestic Shipping

Unless otherwise requested, shipping within the USA is by Priority Mail. Priority Mail usually arrives in 3 days or less.
The Shipping and Handling fee is $7.00 for all orders. If multiple orders can be invoiced and shipped in the same package, the S&H is billed as one order.
Unless an addressing error is made by us, shipping is at the risk of the buyer.

International Shipping

Shipping is at the risk of the buyer.
The mimimum S&H is $7.00. If the actual postage is more than $7.00, the S&H will be to the next whole dollar above the estimated postage.
Unless otherwise requested, shipping will be First Class Mail.
Unfortunately, First Class Mail cannot be insured. However, the classes of mail that can be insured cost considerably more.

For Other Postal Options: Other classes of mail, the accompanying optional services and their costs can be explored at the US Post Office website .
1. Click on the US Post Office website link
2. Click on the word "International" near the right side of the gray bar near the top of the screen.
2. On the dropdown, click on the tab labeled "Calculate International Prices".
3. Select your country under the "Select a Destination" (#1) pulldown menu.
4. Select "Package" (below the Priority" options), then enter an estimated weight. Click on the "Continue" button.
6. This will bring up a table with the classes of postage. Click the "Display all Options" just above the chart. First Class rates will be at the bottom of the chart.
NOTE - customs inspections can delay delivery times significantly.
7. To check the options (registering, insurance, etc.) click on the "Customs Forms and Extra Services" button below the chart. The extra services may not be available in all countries.
This will bring up the options for that class and their costs.
NOTE: - Insurance on a package will ONLY be valid up to the declared value of the package. This could result in significant taxes and duties, depending on your country and its tax policy. First Class mail may be a bit more risky than some other classes, but it is considerably less exepnsive than Priority. and SO FAR, we have not had any packages disappear.

If you have any questions, e-mail us:

To Pay For Items

Send us an email of the items you want, Upon confirmation that we have them, you can pay by check, money order, Paypal or credit card through Paypal.

If using a check or money order

It should be to:
Turn of the Century
1676 Millsboro Rd
Mansfield, OH 44906-3374

OR .... by Paypal, or credit card through Paypal:

To use Paypal :

Paypal account holders: Compute the TOTAL cost (including S&H), then click the "Paypal - Click Here to Pay" box below. Sign in and enter the TOTAL PAYMENT as the "price per item" and leave the "quantity" as ONE (1). Leave "Turn-of-the-Century" as the descrioption.
Turn of the Century's Paypal ID is automatically filled in.
Then click on the "Continue" button to go to the next page where you can log in to your account. Be SURE to check your mailing address on your Paypal account to make sure it is accurate!

Not a Paypal member?

If you do NOT have a Paypal account, you still can pay through Paypal using a credit card by clicking the "Paypal - Click Here to Pay" button below.
Enter the TOTAL PAYMENT as the "price per item" and leave the "quantity" as ONE (1). Leave "Turn-of-the-Century" as the description.
Turn of the Century's Paypal ID is automatically filled in.
Then click on the "Continue" button to go to the next page.
On the second page, below the "Log in" box (you may have to scroll down a bit), click on the box "Pay with a Debit or Credit card".
Eventually (It took a couple of minutes on my ancient competer.) it will come up with the form to enter your credit card and then your mailing information.

If you experience any problems with any of this, please let us know.

WARNING: Be sure to check your Paypal shipping address. We will NOT be responsible for packages shipped to incorrect addresses supplied by the customer directly or through Paypal.

ALSO: When making a Paypal payment, it is good to drop us an email. Once in a while, Paypal fails to notify us by email that a payment has been made.
Additionally, If your name on your emails is different from that on the PayPal account (the "ship to" information), please let us know.
If your emails have one name and the PayPal notice another, things can get REAL confusing (we confuse easily).

NOTICE: Using a direct withdrawal check card will result in a Paypal delay of 3-5 days while the transaction clears your bank.


NOTE: Let us know if there is anything on this page (or anywhere on the website) that needs furthur clarification.
Thank you - Bill

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