Size "P" Crochet hooks

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This page has ONLY the "N" hooks from the Large Hooks Page, so is considerably smaller.
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To request specific hooks, specify the size, hook number and wood (eg. P#10 Walnut).
The numbers on the wood lists correspond to the numbers by the hooks in the adjoining picture.
There is a link to an email form below all the pictures, right above the word "Prices".

We will hold hooks on reserve for one week max pending payment.

In stock now:
Reserved and sold hooks will be labeled as SOLD beside the wood identification. (page updated 4/3/2023)
Please, DO NOT request hooks that have been labeled as SOLD.

P" Hooks (10mm)

22 of 84 Size P (10mm) hooks for sale
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1. cherry
2. cherry
3. cherry - SOLD
4. cherry - SOLD
5. cherry
6. cherry
7. cherry

8. dogwood - SOLD
9. dogwood

10. walnut
11. walnut
12. walnut
13. walnut
14. walnut

15. maple
16. maple
17. maple
18. maple

19. ash
20. ash
21. ash
22. ash

24 more Size P (10m) hooks for sale

23. honey locust
24. honey locust - SOLD
25. honey locust
26. honey locust

27. lyptus - SOLD
28. lyptus
29. lyptus
30. lyptus

31. hickory - SOLD
32. hickory
33. hickory

34. plum
35. plum
36. plum
37. plum - SOLD

38. pear
39. pear
40. pear
41. pear

42. apple
43. apple
44. apple
45. apple
46. apple

20 more Size P (10mm) hooks for sale

47. Japanese maple
48. Japanese maple
49. Japanese maple
50. Japanese maple - SOLD

51. oak
52. oak - SOLD
53. oak
54. oak

55. lilac - SOLD
56. lilac - SOLD
57. lilac
58. lilac - SOLD
59. lilac - SOLD

60. wavy maple
61. wavy maple
62. wavy maple - SOLD

63. black locust
64. black locust
65. black locust - SOLD
66. black locust - SOLD

18 more Size P (10mm) hooks for sale

67. curly maple
68. curly maple
69. curly maple
70. curly maple

71. mulberry
72. mulberry
73. mulberry
74. mulberry
75. mulberry - SOLD

76. birdseye maple SOLD
77. birdseye maple
78. birdseye maple - SOLD

79. elm
80. elm
81. elm
82. elm

83. hornbeam
84. hornbeam

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Please e-mail to check size/wood availability before ordering:
If you use gmail, please include your phone number. They block my mail.


Crochet hooks: $16.00 each
Shipping and handling: (Priority mail - domestic) $7.00 per entire Turn of the Century order

Please send your complete mailing address and a day or night phone or e-mail, and...
Payment by check or money order to:

Turn of the Century
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Phone 419/529-8876

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