Mechanical Pencil Gallery

The pencils shown may look like a whole lot of the same thing, but there are subtle differences in the tapers and curvatures of the grip as well as the pattern of the wood grain. Be aware of your preference of a thicker or thinner grip.

Some of the tapers are very thin, about the thickness of the metal tip. So, in picking a pencil, pay attention to the thickness of the grip area.
The pocket clips can be slid up or down to suit your preference.

The pictures are broken into groupings of about 20 or less to aid those with handheld devices. I hope this will make life easier for the small screen folks.

To request specific pencils, request size (.5 or .7), tapered or flared, the number next to the pencil and the wood (eg. .5mm, tapered #5, cocobolo).
There is a link to an email form below all the pictures, right above the word "Prices". I will get back to you confirming availability and total cost.

We will hold items on reserve for one week pending payment.

In stock now:
The numbers on the pictures correspond to those on the wood list.
Reserved and sold pencils will be labeled as SOLD beside the wood identification. (updated 4/26/2024)
Please, DO NOT request pencils that have been labeled as SOLD.

NOTICE OF RETIREMENT 12/9/2023 -- Being 78 years of age, and having been a professional production woodturner for over 50 years, it's time to pack it in.
This will be the last full restocking of the pencil gallery page. Future rewrites of this page will be condensing it to eliminate sold pencils to improve viewability.

VIEWING TIP If the pictures and print are too small, do a CTRL+ on your keyboard. On most browsers, it will enlarge the screen image. CTRL- brings it back down.

.5 mm tapered

19 tapered .5mm pencils for sale


1. Cocobolo - SOLD

2. Cocobolo

3. Cocobolo

4. Cocobolo - SOLD

5. Cocobolo - SOLD

6. Cocobolo - SOLD

7. Cocobolo

8. Cocobolo - SOLD

9. Cocobolo

10. Cocobolo

11. Cocobolo

12. Cocobolo

13. Cocobolo

14. Cocobolo

15. Cocobolo - SOLD

16. Cocobolo

17. Cocobolo

18. Cocobolo

19. Cocobolo - SOLD


another 20 tapered .5mm pencils for sale

20. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD

21. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD

22. Brazilian Tulipwood

23. Brazilian Tulipwood

24. Brazilian Tulipwood

25. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD

26. Brazilian Tulipwood

27. Brazilian Tulipwood

28. Brazilian Tulipwood

29. Brazilian Tulipwood

30. Brazilian Tulipwood

31. Brazilian Tulipwood

32. Caviuna Micarium - SOLD

33. Caviuna Micarium

34. Caviuna Micarium

35. Caviuna Micarium

36. Caviuna Micarium

37. Caviuna Micarium

38. Caviuna Micarium

39. Caviuna Micarium


another 19 tapered .5mm pencils for sale

40. Bocote - SOLD

41. Bocote - SOLD

42. Bocote - SOLD

43. Bocote

44. Bocote-t

45. Bocote - SOLD

46. Bocote

47. Macassar Ebony - SOLD

48. Macassar Ebony - SOLD

49. Macassar Ebony - SOLD

50. Macassar Ebony - SOLD

51. Purpleheart

52. Purpleheart - SOLD

53. Purpleheart - SOLD

54. Purpleheart - SOLD

55. Purpleheart

56. Purpleheart

57. Purpleheart

58. Purpleheart


Thicker bodied .5 mm tapered

another 19 tapered .5mm pencils for sale

59. Cocobolo - SOLD

60. Cocobolo

61. Cocobolo

62. Cocobolo - SOLD

63. Cocobolo

64. Macassar Ebony - SOLD

65. Macassar Ebony

66. Macassar Ebony

67. Macassar Ebony

.5 mm flared

Those in the lower picture have a flare above the end of the wood for those who hold their pencil higher up.

16 flared .5mm pencils for sale


68. Cocobolo

69. Cocobolo

70. Cocobolo

71. Cocobolo

72. Cocobolo

73. Brazilian Tulipwood

74. Brazilian Tulipwood

75. Brazilian Tulipwood

76. Macassar Ebony

77. Bocote

78. Bocote

79. Bocote

80. Caviuna Micarium

81. Caviuna Micarium

82. Purpleheart

83. Purpleheart

84. Purpleheart


21 flared .5mm pencils for sale

85. Cocobolo

86. Cocobolo

87. Cocobolo

88. Brazilian Tulipwood

89. Brazilian Tulipwood

90. Caviuna Micarium

91. Purpleheart

92. Purpleheart


.7 mm Pencils

The tapered ones are in the top picture, the flared ones in the bottom one.
The ones at the very bottom have a flare above the end of the wood for those who hold their pencil higher up.

13 tapered .7mm pencils for sale


93. Cocobolo

94. Cocobolo - SOLD

95. Cocobolo

96. Cocobolo

97. Brazilian Tulipwood

98. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD

99. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD

100. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD

101. Brazilian Tulipwood

102. Macassar Ebony

103. Caviuna Micarium

104. Purpleheart

105. Purpleheart


18 flared .7mm pencils for sale

106. Cocobolo

107. Cocobolo

108. Cocobolo

109. Brazilian Tulipwood

110. Brazilian Tulipwood

111. Macassar Ebony

112. Macassar Ebony

113. Bocote

114. Bocote

115. Purpleheart


116. Cocobolo

117. Cocobolo

118. Brazilian Tulipwood

119. Macassar Ebony

120. Macassar Ebony

121. Bocote

122. Purpleheart

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