Hairstick Care

Turn of the Century hairsticks are made of very hard exotic woods, and, for their thickness, should prove more durable than most wooden sticks.

However, any material is breakable, and these hairsticks are no exception. There a few simple rules to be aware of.
1. They will take considerable pressure straight down the axis.
2. The thin parts of the design are the weaker points as far as bending force is concerned. So, when exerting a bending force (such as when locking into a bun), do NOT push sideways at the END of the design. Rather, exert sideways force near the top of the SHAFT.

Moisture: Many of the exotic hardwoods are far more moisture resistant than most domestic woods, and TofC hairsticks are sealed with a moisture resistant sealer, but all woods are susceptible to moisture. It softens the wood somewhat and can dull the finish.
1. Try to avoid getting them really wet - like swimming with them, soaking, or washing them.
2. Inserting them in slightly damp hair is OK, as is cleaning them with a damp cloth. Just avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

Animals (especially puppies): They chew on things..... ‘nough said!

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