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All items individually handmade by William Schmidt

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Exotic wood crochet hooks
Exotic wood crochet hooks.
About the Crochet Hooks ---- Crochet Hook Gallery Pages

Exotic wood knitting needles
Exotic wood knitting needles.
About the Knitting Needles

Exotic wood calligraphy pens
Exotic wood calligraphy pens
About the Calligraphy Pens----Calligraphy Pen Gallery Page

Exotic wood oblique pens
Exotic wood oblique pens
About the Oblique Pens----Oblique Pen Gallery Page

Ballpoint pens Mechanical pencils
Ballpoint Pens-----Mechanical Pencils
About the pens-----About the pencils
Ballpoint Gallery------Pencil Gallery


Hairsticks ----- Earrings
About the hairsticks and earrings
Galleries: Hairsticks

Other Stuff
Embroidery Tools --- Shawl Pins --- Odds 'n' Ends


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